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Patent Law Works has been developed with clients in mind. Businesses worldwide are being seriously challenged by the economy in recent years. We respect the client push for lower cost work as well as more certainty in cost. And we appreciate that the shrinking timeline from disclosure to patent filing relies on firms having more and better information and the most up-to-the-minute information possible.

Another factor having a large impact on patent clients is that the U.S. laws are becoming more complex, and our courts are becoming less "pro patent." This becomes an even larger challenge when we are working in the global marketplace.

We collaborate with our clients in their matters and we support our clients in the development, design, procurement and prosecution of their patent portfolios to provide the best possible support for their intellectual property. We provide business leverage by determining the most strategic methods to support our clients in achieving their business objectives.

Our attorneys are admitted to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office so a significant portion of our practice involves patent application preparation - from the early days of gaining provisional approval to the ongoing management of these patents to ensure their optimum return for our clients. We work in conjunction with a broad range of our clients' business from auditing their current I.P. and patent portfolio through the more challenging aspects of establishing a competitive future for the business and pre-litigation analysis and negotiation, when necessary.

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