At Patent Law Works we have both depth and breadth of patent, technical and industry experience. Here is a representative sample of this expertise:

Our expertise in this area includes software at all levels from the application level to the machine level. We have worked on numerous different applications, operating systems, device drivers and utilities. We are knowledgeable in numerous programming languages.
Representative Technologies
Mobile applications, communication software, databases, social networking, cloud computing, cybersecurity and antivirus, IoT, encryption, gaming, browsers, media players, simulation, virtual machines, and artificial intelligence.
Electronics & Semiconductor
Our expertise in this area includes computer and electronic system architecture, electronic components, and digital and analog circuits. We also have semiconductor expertise including devices, fabrication processes, circuit designs, and integrated circuit packaging.
Representative Technologies
Storage media, flash memory, graphics processors, FPGAs, power regulator devices, thin film display and fabrication technologies, image sensing devices and technologies.
Our expertise in this area includes a variety of mechanical technologies, devices, and structures in manufacturing, consumer products, environmental protection, recreational equipment, and control systems. We have worked in the automotive, warehouse, robotics, and control systems fields.
Representative Technologies
Medical devices, commercial appliances, instrumentation, sports equipment, household equipment, and semiconductor fabrication equipment.
Life Sciences Biotech
Our expertise in this area includes biologics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, therapies, drug discovery tools, and industrial processes. We have particular specialties in immunology/immunotherapeutics, diagnostics, crop science, and screening assays.
Representative Technologies
Viral diagnostics, gene therapy for retinal degeneration, cell factories, microbiome remodeling, pharmaceutical candidate screening, chimeric antigen receptors.
Our expertise in this area includes molecules at all levels of complexity as well as fabrication processes. Polymers and polymerization reactions as well as energetic reactions are some examples of areas of notable experience.
Representative Technologies
3-dimensional printing, explosives and rocket motors, propellants, plastics and polymers, small molecule pharmaceuticals, resonance structures for lasers and solar cells, cosmetics.